Unique, hand-made pieces made of concrete and reclaimed materials. 

My name is Jenny and as a Designer and Illustrator, Piinkrete gives me the chance to move away from the screen and scratch the make-with-my-hands itch. 

Why Concrete?
I have fun experimenting with an otherwise industrial material, and using it in a different way. The final pieces are sanded to highlight the raw nature of the concrete. I try to be mindful of the materials I use. The cement mixture uses a combination of aggregates that includes reclaimed materials like glass and plastic. Each piece is handmade so there will be imperfections, it’s the nature of the medium as well as an effort to use each piece poured to cut down on waste. It’s also a sign that each item is truly one-of-a-kind.

Reclaimed Materials Used:

Filament from 3D prints -
Some molds are my designs that I model and 3D print. They can be used several times but once they can’t be used again, the plastic is cut up and added as part of the aggregate in some mixtures. As well as those few-and-far-between failed 3D prints (aka. spaghetti monsters), those are cut up and used in the mixture too. 

Glass bottles -
Wine bottles, whiskey bottles, pop bottles, … mostly wine bottles. #cheers I smash them up and they get added to the aggregate mix. Once the final piece is sanded, It gives the finished look a nice sparkle.

Plastic -
Reclaimed Bar Straws, food container lids used in the aggregate mixtureCardboard Boxes -Used as forms/molds and for shipping

Shipping Materials -
I save all the packing peanuts, filling paper, and bubblewrap I can get and reuse it to ship the pieces safely.