Conscious Concrete Creations

Concrete home decor handmade with reclaimed materials.

Ce-Meant to Con-Create

Welcome to piinkrete! I’m Jenny Boehme, a Designer, Illustrator, and Maker. All of my goods are hand made in Circleville, OH. At every step in my creative process, I am as intentional about my impact on the planet as I am about aesthetics and quality.

As a graphic designer by day, piinkrete is an excuse to move away from my computer and make with my hands. I enjoy stretching my creative muscles in different ways. Making helps me be a better designer, designing helps me be a better maker. Ta da!

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  • Materials Upcycled

    I reclaim and repurpose cardboard boxes, glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic, glitter, and anything else trashy that inspires me to create something new.

  • Process

    Majority of reclaimed materials come from my own consumption [alt: waste, recycling bin, home], but I often source from friends, family, and local resale craft shops when I’m looking for specific colors or qualities.

  • Shipping

    From concrete molds to concrete mix, I break down and reconfigure the materials into new shapes and forms. Every item is shipped in reclaimed packaging to get to you safely and sustainably.

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