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Funky Plant Stand | No.04

Funky Plant Stand | No.04

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Completely hand-crafted. Starting with the concrete top, it is molded using recycled shipping boxes. The cement is hand-mixed with recycled glass bottles, plastic, and glitter diverted from the landfill. Then sanded and finished with a matte sealer. The legs are hand-planed out of white oak to get the tapered shape, and finished with a light mineral oil.


14.5" Tall
Top: 9" Diameter, 1.25" Thick

Aggregate Mix

Shipping Boxes
Recycled Glass Bottles
Reclaimed Glitter


Leg Shape
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Made by hand using reclaimed materials.

This is a handmade item so there are some irregularities and imperfections, and the materials used vary, which results in a truly unique piece.

About the Process